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Eddie Huang’s Spiky Chronicles of Asian-American Event

Eddie Huang’s Spiky Chronicles of Asian-American Event

In an episode of the new season of “Huang’s industry,” the cooking vacation series from Vice, the chef and creator Eddie Huang return to his city of Orlando, Florida, to enjoy Chinese New Year along with his group. For meal one day, Huang along with his dad, Louis, eat at a Hooters positioned within website of Louis’s previous steakhouse, Cattleman’s Ranch—one of a number of winning dining the senior Huang begun after immigrating to your usa from Taiwan, inside the belated nineteen-seventies. Father and son order a spread that says as much concerning the influence of immigrants in the usa as their conversation eventually does: buffalo shrimp, the requisite chicken wings, and a General Tso-flavored basket of chicken strips served with a side of blue-cheese dressing. (more…)

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