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The Write or Die Girl: 50 Great Books Every Ebony Lady Should Study

The Write or Die Girl: 50 Great Books Every Ebony Lady Should Study

These publications test all of us to consider, become, echo, see, extend ourselves, feel, get mad, find serenity, look for solution.

I became born May 21—last day of Taurus, first day of Gemini and just over weekly off the unofficial beginning of summer—so normally

I blossom in summer. I’m on trips in sundresses and stilettos, I’m socializing at producers’ opportunities, I’m taking Evites and probably meet-ups. But arrive Oct, after wind begins getting a tiny bit bite upon it and November, when it’s formally also cold doing simple things like obtaining the mail without tugging on a coat and hat, we transition into hibernation means.

I love the alteration of times regarding east shore, but that cold air is the best impetus in which to stay your house, making sweatpants and fuzzy clothes my uniform and obtain some major learning complete. Right here, in no specific order—except for first one, and that is my total, all-time favorite—are 50 books that test us to believe, think, echo, understand, extend our selves, think, get mad, find serenity, seek quality. (more…)

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