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Concern: Value of Classic Zenith Stereo Unit?

Concern: Value of Classic Zenith Stereo Unit?

Nonetheless a really cool bit!! according to where you are in america you can observe what they are fetching in your neighborhood by inquiring to regional antique stores or if you posses shops that concentrate on jukes and stereos/TVs/pinball–they can present you with the most effective value to suit your area.

Usually the one hyperlink (3rd down) stated in 2010 it was not worth piecing it and attempting to sell they for portion. In my opinion that contains changed as people that have these, like them whilst still being create desire the components. eBay usually have components for systems for sale–but if you fail to take apart and experiment as soon as apart–then really a moot aim. This is certainly an extremely particular market for sales–people which buy the parts for repair. They are aware their unique items and require the items analyzed!


It looks like you has a 1962 Zenith Console, unit #ST1950T.It is quite difficult to put price on console due to the fact best price typically is based on the place. Some locations may have fans and become interested although some will never stop to pick one up free of charge. (more…)

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